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All of our tours are delivered by our own in-house Service Leaders. We have a meticulous in-house training and development programme. We monitor the quality of our tours and our Service Leaders. We reward excellence. We do not contract or work with any freelance tour guides. We are all absolutely lovely!

Laura is an expert private guide in Hong Kong culture and food. Book her for a foodie tour Hong Kong.

Hello I am Laura and I am the founder of Hello Hong Kong.

I first came to Hong Kong on a two week holiday with my parents after I had finished a project working in Japan. I loved Hong Kong so much that years later when I was offered a relocation with work I jumped at the chance and packed up my life in England and moved within 6 weeks!

What I now realise, having lived in Hong Kong for 5+ years, is that during those 2 weeks I spent here on holiday, I didn’t see anything! Of course I took the Peak Tram up to the top of Victoria Peak, I went to the markets, ate in numerous Chinese restaurants, went to the Big Buddha on the cable cars and I even took a ferry out to one of the outlaying islands. I ticked off most of the ‘attractions’ in the guide book, but I didn’t understand Hong Kong. I saw it as a tourist. I saw the ‘tourist attractions’. I ate ‘Chinese food’ but I didn’t get to sample the huge variety of local foods on offer because I only ate in restaurants with English menus and even those I found mind-boggling. I never ventured into one of those back street restaurants that has been run by the same family for 60 years. Even if I had seen one I certainly wouldn’t have been brave enough to dive in!

Now I have been living in Hong Kong as a resident and I do eat in those hidden away restaurants, I know where there are concealed parks tucked away behind soaring buildings providing a welcome get away from the noise and crowds of the streets. Now I keep clear of the main roads and only travel by back streets, waving at the small business owners as I pass.

I decided to leave the company that I relocated to Hong Kong with to do something that I am passionate about. I love living in Hong Kong and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time then by showing it, and all of its nuances, to the thousands of people that are lucky enough to be able to visit it every year.

I have researched and created a number of unique tours, each designed with the intention to show you Hong Kong and its culture, customs and history in an interesting and fun way. So, let us introduce you to Hong Kong, let us introduce you to the REAL Hong Kong, a city where East truly does meet West like in no other. Let us introduce you to Hong Kong, a place we call home.


Burcin has all of the information about the best tours in Hong Kong, contact her now to book your walking tours of Hong Kong.

Book Nicole to be your walking tour guide in Hong Kong. She delivers night tours of Hong Kong as well as foodie tours.

Hi I am Nicole. I am from Australia and I moved to Hong Kong with my partner who is a pilot for Cathay. As soon as I arrived in Hong Kong I fell in love with the city and immersed myself into day to day local life. My background in Sydney was working in fashion and marketing. I worked with many successful Australian designers over the years on their marketing and PR campaigns. Hong Kong gave me the opportunity to work in the fashion industry however once taking the leap to move to Hong Kong I felt I could take the chance to re-invent my career. I love that every day here is different! I get to meet new and interesting people and I am no longer facing the daily grind of 9-5 behind a desk Monday to Friday! In addition to tour guiding I also work with children as a Teacher and Nanny. I teach subjects including public speaking and debating. 

On my days off you will often find me hiking up a mountain with my rescue dog. One of my favorite things about Hong Kong is the diversity. I love that I can be surrounded one minute by the mountains and the seaside and the next minute find myself in the heart of the bustling busy city! Hong Kong at night is by far my favorite, it is truly magical, the city transforms and you can’t help but feel inspired by the never ending sky scrapers and neon lights surrounding the harbour line.

On top of all of this I am huge foodie and I have loved exploring local food, from the hole-in-the-wall restaurants through to fine dining. Come on a tour with me and I will show you what made me fall in love with this amazing city.

Book a private tours in Hong Kong with Mel for an unforgettable experience

Kate is the best tour guides in Hong Kong, book her today

Richard is often referred to as the best tour guides in Hong Kong. Book him for your Hong Kong walking tours and see what all of the fuss is about!

Hi, I am Richard. I am originally from India and I have spent the past twenty something years living and working in Hong Kong. I am very proud to call Hong Kong my home. It is the city where I choose to bring up my wonderful family and the city that I can not imagine ever leaving. I passed a Diploma in International Travel and Tourism Management way back in 1984. I started my career working in hotels, generally on the nightshift. At the same time I was able to complete my graduation, majoring in Arts, Psychology and Sociology as well as Computer Programming.I am currently a registered Financial Advisor in Hong Kong and I have a few select clients who I work with. I consider myself very fortunate to have enough time to dedicate to my tour guiding profession, which has become my main passion. I live in Lantau Island amidst hills and by the beach. I am one of the relatively few that has chosen to set up home outside of the city and townships. I enjoy the outdoors and love hiking. Hong Kong is beautiful and has an extremely rich, cultural heritage. Besides it also has the weird and obscure that can make you cringe and wince and that adds to the excitement of being immersed in the city.  I like to say that when I lead a tour I am delivering the best show on earth. That’s what I aim for anyway. I want to give each and every one of my guests a perfect day and I ensure that everyone who takes a tour with me will return back to their homes with an absolutely fantastic memory of Hong Kong. 

Take a walking tours of Hong Kong with Jess and see the best of Hong Kong.

Hi, I’m Jess from Australia. I have been working in the tourism industry since 2008. I started on the road as a Tour Manager guiding multi day tours up and down the East Coast of Australia and hiking in the outback of the Northern Territory.  One of my most challenging but enjoyable working experiences came from leading 25 day trips in South East Asia, trekking around Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Prior to leaving Australia I worked with a small tourism business in Cairns working with the Queensland Government developing tourism initiatives in one of the worlds most pristine rainforest World Heritage Areas. My husband’s work as a pilot with Cathay Pacific brought us to Hong Kong. As you can imagine his career and our love of travelling work very well together and when he’s not working, we love to head off around Asia to explore, eat and scuba dive. My passion for history, Asian culture and all things food made a perfect combination for working as a private tour guide.  I hope you will love the vibrant, cosmopolitan and fast paced city as much as I do, and I look forward to showing you the melting pot of culture and cuisine (as well as a few hidden secrets) in Hong Kong!

Niya is an experienced private and small group tour guide in Hong Kong. She will show you the best that Hong Kong has to offer.

My name is Niya and I am from India.  As well as tour guiding I also work as a flight attendant. On my free time I eat, walk or travel. I love Hong Kong because it is a melting pot of cultures, where west meets east. It offers access to a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, and food from around the world, all of which I very much enjoy and hope to be able to show you when you visit us in Hong Kong!

Nathan has amassed hundreds of reviews on TripAdvisor for his excellent walking tours in hong kong. He is a true pro and you could not be in better hands for your hong kong private tour.

Hi, I’m Nathan. I am originally from Portland, Oregon. I am a resident of Hong Kong and I live in the Kennedy Town district of Hong Kong Island. Outside of tour guiding I own a children’s theatre company with my fellow tour guide, Ben. I act and work with children all over Hong Kong. I love getting out into nature and hiking around Hong Kong. I love showing people around Hong Kong, watching them fall in love with the city as I did.


Stéphanie est née et a grandi en France (Reims, Bordeaux, Poitiers, Paris et Lille). Elle a terminé ses études à Kyoto au Japon – c’est là qu’elle est tombée sous le charme de l’Asie. A Hong Kong depuis 2007 pour suivre son mari, Stéphanie a profité du dynamisme du marché local pour rebondir et se reconvertir. Elle a d’abord participé à l’organisation des épreuves hippiques des JO de 2008 à Hong Kong. Suite à cette formidable expérience, Stéphanie a développé deux activités en parallèle. Elle est d’abord retournée vers le secteur automobile (après 7 ans de carrière chez un constructeur automobile français avant de s’expatrier) et représente une célèbre marque française dans son activité de Transit Temporaire pour les expatriés lors de leurs séjours en Europe. En parallèle, Stéphanie s’est aussi tournée vers une autre activité, toute nouvelle pour elle: guide touristique. Sous le charme de Hong Kong, fascinée par ses contrastes, sa culture, ses paysages… le besoin de partager était trop fort! Depuis 2009, Stéphanie fait donc découvrir le territoire de Hong Kong avec passion. Elle aime particulièrement découvrir des anecdotes et des lieux insolites qui permettent d’avoir une vision d’ensemble de la ville, de sa population et de son histoire. Stéphanie passe aussi beaucoup de temps sur les sentiers de randonnée. Les efforts sont toujours récompensés: paysages splendides, rencontres avec la faune, découvertes de vieilles pierres abandonnées… (n’hésitez pas à contacter Stéphanie si vous souhaitez faire une randonnée et découvrir la nature hong kongaise).

Meet Don, he is your Hong Kong tour guide ready to take you on a tours of Lantau!

Hi I’m Don, I grew up in Melbourne Australia. I completed an Arts Degree majoring in Linguistics and French followed by a Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. I delved into Banking and had a great time working for some regional banks and then a start up Finance Company. Done with that challenge I joined my brother who was running our old family horse feed business. The move to Hong Kong was my wife’s doing, she was offered a relocation with her job and we both thought that it sounded like a great adventure. Hong Kong immediately got under our skin and we just love the place, the people, the cultural diversity and the energy. We will talk about dragons during our tour; I am convinced that it is their majestic presence that gives Hong Kong a special energy! I am so keen for you to appreciate the ‘real’ Hong Kong and experience the temples and the food. I will show you how people spend money and make money. All of these aspects make up the fabric of Hong Kong.


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Your resident Hello Hong Kong walking tours in Hong Kong in Dutch tour guide is Amandine and by golly she's good!

Bonjour, my name is Amandine! I’m originally from Belgium but have lived all over Europe. I still remember taking the taxi from the airport when I first landed here in Hong Kong and the taxi driver telling me I’d fall in love with the city… And boy was he right! Four years on I am still intrigued by the quirkiness and multiple layers of Hong Kong’s neighborhoods. I can’t wait to share more about my city with you!
Er is geen beter manier om een stad te ontdekken dan een goedgeïnformeerde lokale gids te volgen. En nog beter als hij zich in je eigen taal kan uitdrukken. Bezienswaardigheden, cultuur, natuur en…eten, het zal allemaal aan bod komen over die paar uren dat we samen zullen doorbrengen. Tot dan!

Ben offers tours of lantau in hong kong as well as foodie tours of Hong Kong. As an American Jewish resident he also offers Jewish tours of Hong Kong.

Hello, I am Ben. I moved to Hong Kong from California by way of London. I love the culture, history, and food of Hong Kong. In my spare time I do childrens theatre, voice over acting and play Ultimate Frisbee.  Like Nathan I also reside in Kennedy Town, with my pet dog Echo.  I deliver our food tours, Lantau tours and customised tours. I can’t wait to show you around this wonderful city.