Book your Chinese New Year Firework Cruise with Hello Hong Kong

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong – Chinese New Year Fireworks Cruise

After welcoming 2018 with a successful New Year’s Eve Cruise, we reckon the best way to start the Lunar New Year can only be a cruise to watch the fireworks ringing in the Year of the Dog!

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is magical! It is the city’s biggest and most colourful festival! It is a great time to book your Hong Kong Package Tour and share the spirit of the festivities.

Although the celebrations last for 15 days (!) straight, the fireworks welcome the Lunar New Year on the second day of Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Firecrackers/Fireworks are a crucial part of Chinese tradition. The belief goes that they scare away the evil spirits and bring the good luck for the new year.

This is reason enough for us at Hello Hong Kong to set up yet another cruise to be part of this spectacular ceremony. Come with us on our junk boat and enjoy a delicious dinner buffet with unlimited free flow drinks. Watch the 23 minutes fireworks from the best spot at Victoria Harbour at 8 PM.

Ring in the Year of the Dog on our Chinese New Year Cruise with an unobstructed view, avoid the crowds and enjoy your drink watching the fireworks with a “front seat” view!



Hello Hong Kong Private and Public Group Tours

Hong Kong Tour Guide – Spotlight On Richard

To follow up on our introduction of the Hello Hong Kong Team, today we would like you to meet Richard!

Richard has been living in Hong Kong for the past 20+ years. He calls Lantau Island – “The Lungs of Hong Kong”- his home and is quite an expert when it comes to our Lantau Tours. However, chances are you will meet this Hawaii flower shirt-enthusiast on our food tours or private customised tours too! Like the other members of our team, when it comes to creating a once in a lifetime experience for your sightseeing tour of Hong Kong, we can definitely say, you can always rely on Richard’s expertise on the “Must – See” places of Hong Kong.

Here is our quick interview with Richard:

** What was the funniest thing that ever happened on a tour?

-> Several. However, one sticks out in particular! I initiated a man to propose to his girlfriend without a ring on the Peak. (We dedicated a whole blog to that one 😉 Check it out here!)

** What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

-> Lantau Island

** What’s your favourite Cantonese word and why?

-> Bing! Means Ice (Onomatopoeia)

** What’s your favourite Chinese food?

-> Seafood

Well, the only thing left is to book your local tour of Hong Kong and let us help you create your Best Hong Kong Tour!

Romantic Moment on Private TourHere is the magical moment on Richard’s tour!

Travel on the Peak Tram on your Private Customised TourHere is Richard on another Hong Kong City Tour


Third year in a row for Private and Small Group Tours

TripAdvisor ” 2017 Certificate of Excellence” for Hello Hong Kong Private and Small Group Tours!

When you look back to an almost finished 2017, what are your personal highlights? Maybe you moved to a new place, maybe you finally managed to stick to your New Year’s resolution or maybe you were on a local sightseeing tour of Hong Kong with us or even on a food tour. 😃Our highlights were the many, wonderful moments on our city tours of Hong Kong with our guests! Things like going up to #VictoriaPeak to enjoy the breathtaking view of this place, riding the #StarFerry to visit #TsimShaTsui and take a stroll through #LadiesMarket or #NightMarket, to name a few. We enjoyed sharing stories of Hong Kong’s rich culinary culture over Dim Sum breakfasts on our Food Tours. We loved talking about the dark side on our Night Tours of this city. We have so many fond memories that we would go beyond the length of this blog. 😉

We simply loved having our guests on our walking tours and be able to share our love to Hong Kong with them. We are all the more happy, to see that we were able to provide a positive experience for our guests on our Hong Kong Local Tours and were rewarded the “Certificate of Excellence” for the third year in a row from TripAdvisor! This award “accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period”.

Here comes our New Year’s Resolution for 2018: We will carry on providing one of the best Hong Kong tours, and we will share our love for this city with you on your day tour of Hong Kong!

Thank you very much from all of us in the Hello Hong Kong Team for your continuous support and Happy New Year!

During your night tour of Kowloon we discuss the history of the Kowloon Walled city fort. Pictured here are the remains of the flagstone path that led into the city. Ruins of the Walled City on our Night Tour of Kowloon

take a private tour with us and get our top tips on the best view from Victoria Peak. View from Victoria Peak on our Private Customised Tour

our hong kong food tours are immersive experiencesDim Sum breakfast on our Food Tour


Christmas lights at Night Tour

‘Tis the time of the year – Christmas in Hong Kong

If you liked the skyline of Hong Kong before, get ready to be mesmerised by the sparkling Christmas decorations of the whole city. Most buildings are dressed up for the festive season and you can’t help but let the Christmas spirit get you. One of the highlights by far is the Light Show in the evening. What a nice coincidence that our Night Tour of Hong Kong ends at one of the best spots to watch it, away from the crowds! Some other highlights during this time of the year are the beautiful decorations and Christmas trees when taking one of our Private Customised Tours or our Food Tours. Make sure you take your camera with you and have your phone handy when crossing the streets, to take photos of the Christmas decoration everywhere – one prettier than the other.

Here are some pictures that are our personal favourites:

This pretty tree was spotted in the Mandarin Oriental prior to the pick up for our Private Food Tour.

Decoration spotted on pick up prior to a Walking Tour

Our guests Ed and Camilla found this one during their 8 Hours Private Customised Tour:

During their 8 Hours Private Customised Tour in Hong Kong

Prak and Shai had time to quickly have taken this picture with this beautiful tree during their Public Food Tour:

Discovering a tree on the Public Food Tour

Of course, our team enjoys their tours during the festive season, too! Here are some pictures of our very own Hello Hong Kong tour guides having as much fun as our guests on their tours.

Here is Mel with our guest Fabian enhancing their selfie with this shiny Christmas star on a Hong Kong package tour!

5 Hours Private Tour during Christmas

Here is Don, channelling the Christmas spirit and sending you Season’s Greetings after a city tour of Hong Kong!

Season's Greetings after the Local Tour

Here is one of our latest additions to the Hello Hong Kong Team, Amy (Amandine) rocking the reindeer outfit!

Christmas spirit on Hong Kong Package Tour

And last but not least, our founder and director Laura sending Merry Christmas wishes to you and your family. We are not sure what is nicer: the Christmas tree jumper or the actual Christmas tree 🙂

Greetings from Hello Hong Kong Tours

If you think we all are already in Christmas spirit, then you are right! But what about you? Have you everything prepared for your Christmas? If you just remembered that you have forgotten that one last Christmas present, don’t worry! We are here to help! A voucher from Hello Hong Kong for any Hong Kong Guided Tour is booked and printed quickly! Get in touch with us here!


The Wellington Gallery Hong Kong

How the arts and culture scene has changed in Hong Kong

How the arts and culture scene has changed in Hong Kong

Fascinating art and culture ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience when you are in Hong Kong. The arts are growing at an astounding rate, so you can expect plenty of surprises, even if you have visited in the past. If you are interested in what this vibrant city has to offer, then take a look at the following to learn how the arts and culture scene in Hong Kong is growing and flourishing.

Change in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong transitioned from British to Chinese rule, culture has boomed. Art enthusiasts can rejoice because the art scene has thrived and grown into something quite remarkable.

Part of why art and culture have taken off is due to a rich creative environment and ample funding. This year, the government agreed to utilize over four times more funding for art and culture initiatives than at the time of the government transition. Companies have also been helping fund the arts with their investments.

Types of art to see

The environment in Hong Kong has provided an excellent opportunity for the arts to grow, with over ten times as many commercial art galleries open today. No matter what type of art you enjoy, there is probably something for you here.

Hong Kong hosts first-rate events, festivals, museums, theater and more. From ancient to alternative forms of art, you will find it here.

clock n flap festival in Hong Kong

Clockenflap Festival Hong Kong – Photocredit:

Where to find art

Culture surrounds you when in Hong Kong, but if you hope to visit all the best art hot spots in the city, you need to know where to go.

West Kowloon Culture District is an area along the waterfront that is dedicated to visual and performing arts. It boasts new and developing art centres, including a theatre, museum of visual culture, and an upcoming museum filled with one-of-a-kind ancient Chinese artifacts.

Art Futures Group is a must-see gallery focused on Chinese contemporary art. They are at the forefront of the burgeoning contemporary art scene. Art Futures Group hosts special events such as art fairs, art sales and gallery openings, with year-round opportunities to meet artists in person and mingle with others who appreciate contemporary art.

SoHo is a district located south of Hollywood Road where you can find art galleries, tourist attractions, antique shops, excellent restaurants, nightclubs and more. This is the spot to go for dim sum or street food featuring international cuisine. This area hosts astounding temples, nightclubs and comedy clubs.

Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre is a breathtaking modern building that hosts outstanding classical music. Here you can listen to some of the best orchestra and opera music around.

visit the hong kong cultural centre on a hong kong tours

Hong Kong Cultural Centre – Photocredit:

Alternative art

As the art scene grows in Hong Kong, you see more diverse street art on display. Vivid street art energizes otherwise bland monochromatic structures, and you will find that the majority of large-scale street art is as complex and robust as pieces that you might see in an art museum.

Hong Kong has transitioned into an art and culture centre. This city allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of history, cuisine, music and art. The entire world will continue watching Hong Kong to see what comes of this amazing revitalisation of art and culture.

street art as seen on a hong kong walking tours

Hong Kong street art

Feel fantastic with friends in Hong Kong

Advice for families moving to the Hong Kong region

Advice for families moving to the Hong Kong region

There are numerous reasons why you might be considering a move to Hong Kong. Considered a great place to work, Hong Kong is ranked among the top five leading international finance centers, and boasts a vibrant culture, a bustling nightlife, and plenty of opportunities to rest and play. Hong Kong is so much more, though; despite its reputation for high-rise buildings and crowded streets, it has vast natural areas that are ripe for exploration. Its friendly people, low rates of taxation and booming trade districts certainly sweeten the deal for expats.

Where east meets west, Hong Kong is the kind of place you can never be lonely, or bored.

A little advice to complement your move

Whether you’re moving in order to pursue a career change or because you fancy the adventure and incredible culture, there are a few things you need to know if you’re going to be living in Hong Kong. We’re a friendly bunch here, but it pays to be prepared for your new life, after all.

Do your research

How much do you really know about Hong Kong? It’s vital that you conduct a little research prior to your big move, whether that’s simply to ascertain the kind of accommodation you can expect, or your means of traveling around the busiest areas. Hong Kong’s streets are busy, to say the least. Public transport, such as the buses, trams, ferries and the Mass Transit Railway offer the best options for travel. You should also be prepared for smaller apartments than you’ve perhaps become accustomed to, and for a subtropical climate that’s humid all year round.

Understand cultural differences

Hong Kong’s culture is a rich and dynamic, offering tastes of eastern and western influences. Its religious background is a multi-faith one, where Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus come together in a melting pot of beliefs and practices. Indeed, the territory plays host to numerous festivals and celebrations throughout the year that you’ll want to be a part of. The predominant language spoken in Hong Kong is Cantonese, and while most businesses will use English in their operations, it will certainly help to learn some basic phrases in the local language that will become useful throughout daily life.

Explore your educational options

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to raise a family. However, you’ll want to consider your educational options if you are planning on moving the whole family. Hong Kong’s educational system comprises private, government, and subsidized or international schools, each with their own merits. Many expats will try to get their children into an international school in Hong Kong; such an establishment offers a basic and yet enriched curriculum, which will allow children to develop a deeper understanding of new cultures and experiences – while meeting and befriending children in similar circumstances.

Get to work

If you’re considering a move to Hong Kong due to a promotion or job offer, then there’s a good likelihood your career aspirations are already established. The territory is a great place to meet new people and to network; if you’re prepared to work hard, you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic opportunities. If you’re seeking work in Hong Kong, you must have the correct paperwork, which will involve researching your right to work. The banking and financial sectors are particularly prominent, although you might also look for work in IT, marketing and administration.

Become a part of the expat community

To really thrive in Hong Kong, it’s worth seeking out and becoming a part of our expat community. We’re a small, friendly bunch, but will no doubt become a huge part of your life here. The Internet is a veritable treasure trove of social groups and advice, of course; you’re never very far from someone with valuable advice for fellow expats. While those already living and working in Hong Kong will do all they can to make you feel welcome, it’s worth seeking out the experiences of those who have gone before you.

Hong Kong boasts a rich, dynamic culture, which you’d do well to become a part of. While many of its traditions and practices are perhaps different to what you are accustomed, the friendly nature of Hong Kong’s people will help you to settle right in. With a lot of research and some dedicated planning, you’re sure to feel at home in no time.

meet Jess on your hong kong airport tour

Hong Kong Tour Guide – Spotlight On Jess

Last week we started our new series to get you more familiar with the Hello Hong Kong Team. We talked about Niya. This week we would like to introduce you Jess! Jess was the third guide to join our team after Laura set the company up. She has been working is tourism since 2008 and has many stories to tell.  She has a great passion for history, Asian culture and food. If you book a food tour with us, chances are high that your guide will be Jess.

We had a quick chat with Jess and asked her some questions. Here is what she had to say:

** What was the funniest thing that ever happened on a tour?

-> It’s not one specific moment, but often on private tours when we go for dim sum we share a table with locals. I’ve had great chats with them and they love showing off their favourite foods to our guests (and maybe having a sneaky laugh at the lack of chopstick skills).

** What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

-> Sai Ying Pun and the Western District. This is where we start our food tours and also my local neighbourhood. I love the mix of old and new here but also that there is a lively bustling community so close to the centre of the city.

** What’s your favourite Cantonese word and why?

-> Momontie (no idea on spelling), because it’s the closest thing to the Aussie “no worries”

** What’s your favourite Chinese food?

-> Everything dim sum! I love the variety that you get at dim sum, but especially char sui chong fun (flat rice noodle with BBQ pork), hargow (prawn dumplings) and sui mai (pork and prawn dumplings with mushroom).

So, come book your public or private tour with Jess and ask her about Dim Sum and Asian Culture!


Jess doing beer tasting research for our night tour Jess enjoying a local craft beer in Mongkok.

Private tour guide Jess tries the stinky tofu during one of her night tours in Kowloon. The big question is, did she like it!?

This is Jess trying Stinky Tofu – she didn’t like it!

Niya is an experienced private and small group tour guide in Hong Kong. She will show you the best that Hong Kong has to offer.

Hong Kong Tour Guide – Spotlight On Niya!

We previously talked about the Hong Kong Sightseeing Tours that Hello Hong Kong offers, but what about the faces behind Hello Hong Kong? Today we start a new series of the Hello Hong Kong Tours Blog introducing our tour guides to you. The friendly people that help you to make your sightseeing in Hong Kong the highlight of your stay. We interviewed all our tour guides to bring the people you meet for your local tours of Hong Kong closer to you.

We start with Niya. Niya is one of our youngest guides in our team. When you meet her you will  immediately notice her warm and bubbly personality. She is very knowledgeable and can tell you many interesting stories about pirates that used to live in Hong Kong and their popular hangouts. She loves to travel, which comes in handy being a flight attendant in her other job!

You will meet Niya if you take a Night Tour of Kowloon, a Food Tour or a Private Customised Tour!

Check out the christmas lights and the beauty of Hong Kong on a customised tour.Even if they are scary, they will smile seeing Niya on a Hong Kong Tour


Hong Kong City Tour – Man Mo Temple

When you plan your sightseeing in Hong Kong one of the “Must-See” places is Man Mo Temples.

There are several of them around, but the largest one was built in 1847 to worship two Gods: civil or literature God, Man Tai and the martial God, Mo Tai, hence Man Mo. 😉 

The two Gods were worshipped by scholars and students seeking progress in their study or ranking in the civil examinations in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Students ask these gods for some divine help for progress in their study or good examination marks! 

In every temple, you will see lighting incense to worship gods. It means respect, memorial and gratitude to the temple gods. Also, fruits and food that you see in the temples are not snacks – at least not for us mortals!  They are all offerings to the respective Gods in the temple. The belief is that the gods will eat the snacks. However, every snack has its own meaning and your knowledgeable Hello Hong Kong tour guide will tell you about it. 

Why don’t you include the visit to this temple into your Private Tour Hong Kong and learn some more about Hong Kong local customs?

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Places to visit on a Hong Kong Tour


Firework Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong Tour Package – New Year’s Eve Cruise – 2018 is so close!!!!

Reaching mid-November means we are entering the last weeks of 2017! WOW! How did this happen?!  Did we not enter 2017 only yesterday? Have we not only recently made our 2017  resolutions? Some of you were successful but how about the others? Maybe you promised to quit smoking, maybe you wanted to learn another language, or maybe you wanted to plan early for a great New Year’s Eve Party going into 2018…? Here is where we come into play; here at Hello Hong Kong we have been so busy planning! Besides our walking tours of Hong Kong we crafted a very special event for you.

Lo and behold! The New Year Fireworks Cruise!

Join us for our countdown party onboard our exclusive 63ft junk boat. Enjoy free flow drinks and a dinner buffet against the most amazing backdrop – the Hong Kong skyline at night. Watch the fireworks at midnight at Victoria Harbour. Treat yourself and friends and family to an unforgettable evening saying “Hello” to a new year, new adventures, new you and new goals!So, why not start your new year’s resolution on a boat this time?! Book your New Year’s Eve Firework Cruise here!

 hong kong new year cruiseboat party in hong kongnew years eve parties in hong kong