Pre-wedding photo shoot

Its hard to go a day in Hong Kong without seeing a pre-wedding photo shoot somewhere. Thats right pre-wedding! By the time the big day comes around the pictures are not only done but they are printed out poster size and hung all over the wedding venue!

Clean and beautiful HK’s MTR

Michael and Stephanie both work for the New York subway. They were AMAZED at how clean and cool and efficient Hong Kong’s MTR (Mass Transit Railway) is. Opened in 1979 the MTR has 152 stations, has a 99.9% on-time rate, is incredibly cheap, immaculately clean and beautifully air-conditioned. That might explain why over 5 million journeys are made on it every day!

Visited astounding antique jade shop

Annie (far right) bought a Hello Hong Kong tour in a charity auction which we had donated to earlier this year. When her friends Tamsin and Michelle were in town this week she cashed in her voucher and off we went. Here we are with Tommy in his amazing antique jade shop where Annie bought a Pi Yao, a Chinese mythological creature which will bring money into her home!

Delicious chicken feet

Jeff might come from the USA but he eats like he is a local Hong Konger! Here is in chowing down on some chickens feet cooked in delicious black bean sauce! If you fancy a nibble yourself come on one of our food tours and we’ll introduce you to our feathered friends.

Black moss

This might look like something that you would wash your dishes with but its actually black moss, a type of seaweed that is commonly eaten with oysters in Hong Kong. Its especially popular to eat at Chinese New Year and other special occasions because its cantonese name sounds very similar to the cantonese word for ‘get rich’!

Fun-filled day with Angie

What a fun day we had with Graham and Angie! We spent 6 hours exploring restaurants, back streets, tea shops and old buildings before finishing with a beer in the hotel bar. Happy Birthday Angie, it was a pleasure to spend it with you!

Little critters

Frank was quite delighted with these little critters, especially when we told him that in Chinese medicine the gecko is used for increasing male virility!

Maid Day

Sunday is the only day of the week that all of the domestic helpers get off work so we call it maid day in Hong Kong. Visit any public space on maid day and you will see hundreds upon hundreds of Philippino and Indonesian ladies (the two biggest expat groups in HK) sitting out eating and playing cards in what looks like a cardboard city.