Once upon a public group food tour…

Once upon a public food tour with Naomi, Matt, Lucy and Tony! We enjoyed a steaming hot bowl of Shrimp Wanton Noodle Soup at Mak’s Noodles. Later their staff joined in the photo to help us create a memorable time for our guests. 

Double happiness

There is a beautiful double rainbow over Hong Kong right now! It did take me a while to realise what everyone was taking pictures of, I thought they were all trying to catch Pokemon!

The lunch sampan spotted!

The Tanka People (people who live on boats) may not exist as they used to in Hong Kong but there is still a thriving boat community. These small wooden boats are called Sampans. They are mostly used as water taxis but some provide other services. This one is the lunch sampan! There is a full kitchen on this boat and the guys serve up noodle soups and roast meats on rice! All you have to do is holla at him when he passes! Picture taken on our boat tour; Hong Kong by Sea.

Aladdin’s cave of spice

The smell of this spice shop hits you from a block away! I have never seen such big cinnamon sticks! This little Aladdin’s cave of spice is located just off from the Cat Street market in the Sheung Wan district.

Curiosities at Cat Street

Chris from Chicago booked a private food tour with us for himself and his family. Upon learning he was a keen collector of curiosities we did a detour between foodie stops and headed over to the Cat Street Market where he turned into a kid in a candy shop!

The Van Der Lee family from the Netherlands

This weekend we had the pleasure of touring the Van Der Lee family from the Netherlands around Hong Kong. Tom has just completed an MBA in Hong Kong and the whole family was in town to help him celebrate! Here they are in Statue Square park learning about the feng shui in the architecture. Well done Tom!

The world’s oldest fully rigged ship is in Hong Kong!

Sørlandet is a 89 years old Norwegian heritage vessel and the world’s oldest fully rigged ship which is still in operation. Sørlandet relied on its sails for almost 90 percent of the time on its voyage to Hong Kong. Here for the Green Shipping Seminar which is on the 22nd of this month, it is open for public visits until the 30th of July at our own Maritime Museum!