Street art

We love this little piece of street art on the corner of Ladder Street and Queens Road. Its been made with mosaic tiles and it just appeared one morning!

Kowloon Night Tour with the Star Ferry

Stunning Star Ferry boat

On todays tour I snapped this cracking picture of the Star Ferry. I love these boats, I never get tired of riding them and at only HK$2 (US$0.25) neither does my wallet!

Furry guardian

Most of the dried seafood shops in Sheung Wan have pet cats who diligently guard the stock. At US$165 a bag this quantity of Fish Maw (swim bladder) is worth a small fortune. Maybe the jewelers should consider following suit and bringing in some furry guardians to sit on the diamonds..

Mutant ninja turtle

If you’ve ever wanted your very own teenage mutant ninja turtle then make your way over to Mongkok where you can purchase a little Donatello for as little as HK$15 (US$2). *Disclaimer; Hello Hong Kong does not encourage the keeping of ninja turtles as pets/friends/miniature warriors

The shards of light in Man Mo temple

Visit the Man Mo temple on Hollywood Road at about 3:30pm and you will see the afternoon sun shining through creating these beautiful shards of light that come alive with the dancing smoke from the burning incense.

The second time with Joe and Caroline!!

This is Joe and his daughter Caroline who came on not one but two Hello Hong Kong tours this week! We took them from one end of Hong Kong to the other passing through all kinds of different neighborhoods. We went from projects (council housing) to the financial centre, to commercial centres, to beaches, onto boats, along the coast, to floating restaurants to sky-scrappers. We loved meeting you guys, happy holidays!

A very special pantyhose tea in Hong Kong!!

We had a great afternoon out with Darryl, Nancy and Charles this week. After picking them up at the Ritz we took them to explore some of the back streets of Sheung Wan and Central. We hopped from markets to temples to old family run tea shops and bakeries. This is them trying Hong Kong’s very special pantyhose tea. After this we headed over to Tsim Sha Tsui where we conveniently found ourselves sat at a roof top bar watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

The Magical tea!!

Yesterday we took Justin and Kelly out to learn about Chinese medicine. This is Justin knocking back a very bitter medicinal tea designed to neutralise the after effects of a heavy night on the booze! I’d like to think that the man stood next to him is also drinking the same tea.