Food Tour

Hong Kong food is primarily Cantonese cuisine but with some small key differences which reflect the city’s mixed British and Chinese heritage. On this tour we learn about the history of food in Hong Kong, from the traditional fare from Guangzhou to the interesting western crossover cuisine that started popping up in the 1950’s as local chefs tried to produce cheap versions of British and Western favourites.

We offer both public group and private food tours.

Public group tours run on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Private food tours run Monday to Saturday and can start any time before 2:30pm. A private tour gives you the benefit of being able to enjoy the tour at your own pace. It also allows for the option of adding on an additional hour which can be used to incorporate some extra sightseeing based on your interests or to have your guide meet you at your hotel.


A private 4-hour food tour for you and your friends only. Available Monday to Saturday.

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A 4-hour public group food tour. Maximum of 9 people. Running every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning.

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Today’s public grou

A great public food tour today with Nika from the USA 🇺🇸 Nick and Laura from Canada 🇨🇦 and Tygh and Kathy from Australia 🇦🇺!

On Group Food tour!!

What’s that that everyone on todays group food tour is holding? Nothing? Yes, nothing! That’s because they ate those egg tarts so fast I didn’t […]