Visiting Big Buddha on a Lantau Tour
27 Oct

Lantau Tour – Tian Tan Buddha

With over 80% of Hong Kongers practising Chinese folk religion such as Buddhism, the major centre of it, is the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island. The statue symbolises the harmonious relationship of human beings to nature and faith. The Tian Tan or Big Buddha is situated near the Po Lin Monastry and is one of our stops on Hello Hong Kong Lantau Tours. She is named after the “Altar of Heaven” or “Earthy Mount of Tian Tan”, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Constructed from over 200 bronze pieces, is 34 meters (112ft) tall and weighs whooping 250 tons! The constructions began in 1990 and ended on 29th December 1993. The date is very important, as it is believed to be the day of the Buddha’s enlightment!

Something very interesting one notices going up 268 (twohundredsixtyeight!!!) steps to see the Buddha closely, is not only the disbelief how on earth one did not faint going up 😉 but also that every feature of the Buddha is a symbol of religious relevance. For example the positioning of the right hand means “imparting fearlessness” symbolising compassion of saving all beings from suffering. Where as the left hand rests on the Buddha’s lap palm facing heaven which represents “fulfilling wishes”, implying the vow to grant blessing and happiness to all. On your Private Lantau Island Tour, you will come across more interesting details about the people and their beliefs. For example, ask your well-informed Hello Hong Kong Tour Guide about the big fire of Tai O many hundreds years ago and which miracle put it out…

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