An astonishing artwork

We had so much fun with Andy, Heather, Becky and Large on our food tour last week. They asked if we could squeeze in a temple visit on route so we did and then bumped into my good friend Grand So who is an amazing artist. This is Heather buying one if his artworks. If you would like to pay him a visit yourself you’ll find him on Hollywood Road not far from the Man Mo temple.

Visiting our Food Market

We have just had a lovely day out with these 6 folks from Calgary. Here they are in the food market in Sham Shui Po, the least affluent of Hong Kong’s 18 districts. As you can see there were a few things in there which Maurine and Bev didn’t think looked too appetizing!

Healthy Hidden Park

Jacqui and Phil booked a trip to Hong Kong and Sydney to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and their daughter Louise booked them a Hello Hong Kong tour as a gift. This is Phil trying out a “Healthy Pebble Path” in a hidden away park. You’ll find these Pebble Paths all over Hong Kong. When you walk on the pebbles they will stimulate the reflex areas of your feet and improve your blood circulation

Cool Shakespeare display

This is Meredith and Erin (and a random posing child in the background) who we had the pleasure of spending the day with whilst they were on an airport layover. Here they are lounging around on a very cool Shakespeare display outside the old Marine Police headquarters.

Dilapidated Mansion

Fabian and Micha were keen to explore the notorious Chungking Mansions, a dilapidated 17 storey building built in the 1960’s which has over the years been home to many ethnic minorities, drug addicts, drug dealers and asylum seekers. Today its full of cut rate businesses, money changers and the cheapest accommodation in Hong Kong! Here they are in one of the stairwells which appears to be being held up with bamboo! We did of course also take them to some nicer places!

A fantastic day out with Jane

We had a fantastic day out with Jane who was on a 3 day stop over in HK on her way from the UK to Australia. We started out with Yum Cha (Dim Sum) for breakfast and finished with wine at a roof top bar! Thats my kind of tour!

Pre-wedding photo shoot

Its hard to go a day in Hong Kong without seeing a pre-wedding photo shoot somewhere. Thats right pre-wedding! By the time the big day comes around the pictures are not only done but they are printed out poster size and hung all over the wedding venue!

Clean and beautiful HK’s MTR

Michael and Stephanie both work for the New York subway. They were AMAZED at how clean and cool and efficient Hong Kong’s MTR (Mass Transit Railway) is. Opened in 1979 the MTR has 152 stations, has a 99.9% on-time rate, is incredibly cheap, immaculately clean and beautifully air-conditioned. That might explain why over 5 million journeys are made on it every day!

Visited astounding antique jade shop

Annie (far right) bought a Hello Hong Kong tour in a charity auction which we had donated to earlier this year. When her friends Tamsin and Michelle were in town this week she cashed in her voucher and off we went. Here we are with Tommy in his amazing antique jade shop where Annie bought a Pi Yao, a Chinese mythological creature which will bring money into her home!