A Ride through SoHo!

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with the Oykhman boys the other day. This is them on the Central to Mid Levels Escalator; the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world! No we didn’t travel the entire 800 meters we just jumped on for a ride through SoHo!

The Expensive Birds Nest!!

I took Helen and Dave from Australia into Tak Tai Ginseng medicine shop this morning where we watched this lady selecting and buying birds nests. Birds nests are enjoyed as a (VERY expensive) delicacy in Hong Kong in Birds Nest Soup. They are reputed to be good for complexion and digestion and for restoring and reinforcing vital energy and strength.

The colorful street art!!

Today I introduced Genie and Ralph from Namibia to my favorite form of HK street art; Yarn Bombing (guerilla-style street knitting)! These colorful knits can be found all over railings, trees and fences in Sheung Wan. The culprit; Esther Poon, Hong Kong’s knitting extraordinaire!

The Noon-Day Gun!!

18th june

On todays tour I took Jake to visit the old Marine Police Headquarters building. This is him with a 6 pounder Hotchkiss cannon which used to be fired at exactly 12 noon everyday as a way of indicating the time to the boats in the harbour. The gun is more commonly known as the ‘noon-day gun’. A working 3 pounder version of it can be found in Sai Wan Ho at the new Marine Police headquarters.

Health tips for Football fans!!

Hong Kong’s government reminds football fans to stay health conscious whilst watching the World Cup. A spokesman for the Department of Health said that even though some football fans love crispy snacks (such as potato chips and fried food), sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages while watching the matches, it is important to maintain healthy eating, get sufficient sleep, refrain from using tobacco, as well as avoid alcohol consumption. Some great tips are attached – I actually can’t decide which one I like the most!