The story of Hong Kong and how it turned from a sleepy fishing village to a super city is firmly rooted in the sea. Its a story about the West’s trade with the Far East, Britain’s addiction to tea and the scourge of opium addiction!


Our 4-hour Hong Kong by Sea boat tour takes place on our 63ft white junk, Bella Vita. We take a maximum of 20 people to allow for plenty of room for spreading out and relaxing across the 3 viewing platforms and for a more intimate discussion environment.

This tour can be booked for any day of the week starting any time between 9am and 5pm. Tours include unlimited soft drinks, beer, wine and snacks.

 Sail around the western coast of Hong Kong island to Aberdeen harbor and learn the exciting facts of Hong Kong history. DSC05295-01


The Hong Kong by Sea boat tour takes in all of Hong Kong’s most interesting coastal districts. Departing from Causeway Bay we start with a full Victoria Harbour tour. From there we go inside and around Hong Kong’s container port. Then it is down to Aberdeen to see the floating restaurants and around the beautiful coastal areas of Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay and Stanley.

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Our Hong Kong by Sea boat tour is your chance to learn all about Hong Kong and its history from the perspective of things that have happened or are happening on the sea and around the coastal areas.

Setting off from Causeway Bay at 9am we start with a full Victoria Harbour tour where we talk about the development of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline from the 1800s through to present day.  Then it is up to  Container Port! Hong Kong’s container port is a super hub, it is the world’s 5th busiest port and has been the driving force behind Hong Kong’s economic development. No other tour grants you access to this truly fascinating part of the city.  This is your chance to get up close to some of the world’s biggest super ships and watch the cargo being loaded and unloaded whilst learning about the growth and development of trade in the region.

From the container port we head south down and around the western coast of Hong Kong island to Aberdeen Harbour. We will discuss Britain’s predominance in maritime practices and how the opium trade led to the British colonisation of Hong Kong.

We cruise slowly past the floating seafood restaurants and floating village where the Tanka people (or Boat People) still live on the water in old traditional junk boats. Fishermen by trade, the Tanka people were, from the earliest days of the West’s arrival in Hong Kong, the trusty allies of foreigners, supplying British men-of war and troopships with supplies and prostitution services.

From Aberdeen Harbour we carry on cruising around the south coast going past Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. We talk about the price of real estate, Hong Kong’s rich and famous and the most ill-omened house in Hong Kong.

From Repulse Bay it’s a short hop around to Stanley or Bandits Post where we will discuss two of Hong Kong’s most infamous pirates.

Stanley is where our boat tour ends. It is a beautiful coastal market town and one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions. You can get some lunch in one of the many bars and restaurants along the waterfront, spend the afternoon relaxing on one of Stanley’s beaches or pick up some souvenirs in the famous Stanley Market.

This Boat Tour lasts around 4-hours and is packed full of interesting information about Hong Kong past and present. It has been designed to be interesting to people of all ages including children and teenagers. We will talk about each of the areas we visit before we cruise through them leaving you free to roam around the boat, take pictures and enjoy the scenery at each location. Your ticket price includes unlimited soft drinks, beer, wine and snacks.


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