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Hong Kong Day Tours | Leave The City Behind And Visit Cheung Chau!

Hong Kong Day Tours | Leave The City Behind And Visit Cheung Chau!

10 km southwest of Hong Kong we can find “dumbbell Island”, the nickname for Cheung Chau. With an area of 2.5 square km, Cheung Chau is home to around 21,000 people and always worth Hong Kong day tours. From Hong Kong Island you have the option to take a 55 minutes ride with the “slow ferry” that gives you outdoor seating for many nice pictures. You can also take the “fast ferry” and have a shorter, airconditioned ride of 35 minutes – which might be preferable especially in the summer months in Hong Kong.

The picturesque harbour is full of Hong Kong activities with fishing vessels, junk trips and sampans going back and forth.

this island is worth the hong kong tour

as your hong kong tour agency, we will be happy to show you around cheung chau

Cheung Chau can offer a Hong Kong local tour for all tastes! From windsurfing to Cheung Po Tsai cave over rock carvings and the beautiful Tak Pai temple, which is about 10 min walk away from the pier.

This temple was first built in the 18th century is kept in very good condition after a renovation in 1989. It is devoted to Pak Tai the Taoist god of the sea, who is also known as the Supreme Emperor of the Northern Heaven or the Mysterious Heaven.

hong kong private tours can also be on cheung chau

if you need a balance for things to do in hong kong at night, visit a temple

“Bun is fun” in Cheung Chau! Originally created to celebrate the end of a plague in the Quing Dynasty, now it is an annual festival celebrated in May. The highlight of the Bun Festival is the bun tower climbing competition.

talk to your hong kong tour guides about these acrobats

one of the best times for private hong kong tours is the bun festival

Don’t worry if you miss the Bun Festival. Cheung Chau has other great activities to offer! You can spend the whole day by the beach and enjoy some delicious and fresh seafood in one of the many seafood restaurants in Cheung Chau as a contrast to your Hong Kong city tour.

a hong kong boat can take you to this beach

beach and fresh seafood on hong kong day trips

If you ar looking for different Hong Kong activities, definitely ask your Hong Kong tour guide for a day in Cheung Chau!

Our furry mascot has the right idea! 😃

your hong kong boat tour can also go to cheung chau

even the furry friends can enjoy a dip in the sea on these hong kong day trips


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