Lantau Island is often referred to as the ‘Lungs of Hong Kong’ because it is so green and underdeveloped. Take a tour of Lantau with us and visit the awe inspiring Big Buddha and the wonderfully quaint stilt village of Tai O. Includes a ride on the famous Ngong Ping cable car, a boat ride through Tai O village and lunch at the UNESCO recognised Tai O Heritage hotel; originally established as a police station in 1902 to combat pirates prevalent in the neighbouring waters. Maximum of 9 people on group tours to ensure an intimate and personal touring experience. This is a far cry from the coach tours of Lantau!


Our small public group Lantau tours last approximatly 7 hours. They start and finish at Tung Chung MTR station.

On weekdays we meet at Tung Chung MTR station at 9:45am. On Sundays and public holidays we meet at Tung Chung MTR station at 8:45am. We start early to avoid the crowds. We take a maximum of 9 people on our small public group tours. We are a far cry from the coach tours that tour Lantau.


Your small group Lantau tour starts with a ride on the Ngong Ping Cable Car. You will be treated to the most wonderful views of Lantau Country Park and the airport as we travel over the back of the island for 25 minutes. Our destination is the famous Big Buddha. Here we will learn about Buddhism, climb the 268 steps to the Buddha, visit the Po Lin Monastery and the new hall of 10,000 Buddhas.


From Ngong Ping it is a 20 minute bus ride to Tai O, the Venice of Hong Kong. Tai O is one of the very few remaining places in Hong Kong where we can still see stilt houses over the water. Tai O used to be a fairly big community but due to the decline of the fishing industry it, like Venice, is now primarily a tourist destination, for both overseas visitors and Hong Kongers escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Tai O is still known for its traditional production of shrimp sauce and shrimp paste and for its colourful seafood market.


We will embark on a full exploration of Tai O visiting the beautifully restored Old Police Station, now operating as a heritage hotel. This is where we will enjoy lunch (included) in the very nice Lookout restaurant. We will visit one of the two remaining shrimp sauce production factories, meander the back streets in and around the stilt houses, visit a temple from the late 1400’s and learn about the religion of Taoism. If you have the energy we will trek to a lookout point where we can get an excellent view of the construction of the 42km bridge that is being built between Hong Kong and Macau.  For those that are less able to walk longer distances you can spend some free time browsing the shops around the temple, or taking a break in a coffee shop. We will also enjoy a (very fun) boat ride at Tai O, through the stilt houses. This is also included in your tour price.


Once we have finished at Tai O will take the public bus back to Tung Chung MTR station where the tour finishes.


$1325 for adults. Anyone aged 12 years or over is counted as an adult.

Children aged 2 and under are completely free.

Children aged 3 to 11 years are $875

All prices listed are in Hong Kong $. They include a boat ride at Tai O, a one way ticket in a Standard Cabin  on the Ngong Ping Cable Car and lunch at the Heritage Hotel in Tai O. Prices listed include the costs of transport during the tour but not to and from the meeting and end points of the tour.  

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This tour does involve a lot of walking. At most you can expect to walk about 12km. We can reduce the amount of walking involved, for example by cutting out the walk to the lookout point for the Macau Bridge. You can have a coffee break or a look around the shops whilst the rest of the group continue.   Please be aware that the most we can reduce it to will be about 8km so you do need to have a reasonable level of fitness to take this tour.


Please be aware that the Big Buddha is not in the city, it is in the Lantau National Park. This means that you will need to travel to Lantau which is approximately one hour away from downtown Hong Kong. 

At the end of the tour of Tai O you will be in the middle of the National Park. You will need to travel to Tung Chung or Mui Wo (transport hubs on Lantau) in order to travel back to downtown Hong Kong. It will take approximately 45 to 50 minutes from Tai O to Tung Chung / Mui Wo from where it will be another hour to downtown Hong Kong.  This journey is made with your guide.

If you do not wish to spend 3 hours of your day travelling to and from the Lantau National Park please do not book this tour, please book a private customised city tour instead.  


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  • This god can be visited on a hong kong walking tour of Lantau island. Learn about hand symbolism in Taoism with Hello Hong Kong.

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Take in fantastic views across Lantau Country Park and the airport from the Ngong Ping Cable Car.



Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.06.26 PM

Climb the 268 steps to reach the 34 metre tall Big Buddha.



Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.20.59 PM

Explore Tai O, the Venice of Hong Kong.




Visit the beautifully restored Old Police Station (now operating as a heritage hotel) built in 1902.



Learn about Taoism and visit an exquisite temple dating back to late 1400’s. 



See the traditional production of shrimp sauce.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.25.58 PM

Check out the new hall of 10,000 Buddhas.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.19.12 AM

Watch the construction of the 42km long bridge from HK to Macau.


Feast on Tai O’s delicious street food. 


Hong Kong Tours | Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge

Hong Kong Tours | Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge After nine years of construction, on 24 October 2018, the HZMB – as it is inofficially called amongst the local –  was opened to public after its inauguration by Chinese President Xi Jinping a day earlier. The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, is a bridge–tunnel system consisting of cable-stayed bridges and an undersea tunnel, as well as two artificial islands. It connects Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai, three major cities on the Pearl River Delta. If you come with us on a Hong Kong Lantau Island tour, we will show you on the second part of this particular Hong Kong day tours a part of this 42 km long massive construction. If you already visited the Big Buddha, another Lantau Island things do to could be to take a picture of this famous bridge.  A great object for photgraphy enthusiasts, ask your tours in Hong Kong to be on Lantau Island to get your personal shot of the bridge! Your Hong Kong tour guides will be able to give you all the details about the HZMB!   #design #instagood #photooftheday #hongkong #china #hk #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #ilovehk #hellohk #constructionsofhongkong #wanderlust #bridges #hklife #wanderlust #homekong #grouptours #customizedtours #tourguide #privatetours #privateguide #personalguide #HZMB #hongkongzuhaimacaobridge #grandopening   Photo credit: SCMP

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