2-day charter of Local Hero for your own sailing adventure around Hong Kong’s protected Geopark with overnight at the pristine sandy white beaches of Tai Long Wan.

The Overnight Adventure Sail is an ideal getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of this wonderful ‘city’ which actually comprises of 262 islands!

The overnight eco tour adventure sail starts from Pak Sha Wan pier near Hebe Haven Yacht Club that is easily accessible by public transportation or taxi from HK Island or Kowloon. After a short safety briefing and tour of the boat we will sail to Port Shelter, a hill and cliff-ringed haven which is the site of sailboat racing most weekends. Here we will enjoy a lovely fresh seafood lunch in a family-owned floating restaurant surrounded by fish farms.

After lunch we will begin to make our way towards Tai Long Wan where we will spend the night. On route we will pass Shelter Island, Jin Island, and several islands that are part of the protected Hong Kong Global Geopark or Hong Kong Sites of Special Scientific Interest. As we round the corner of Basalt Island we will be in the open ocean, unprotected from the South China Sea to the east.

A few hours later we will arrive and anchor at Tai Long Wan, lined by two pristine sandy white beaches and surrounded on three sides by mountains and cliffs. Here we’ll have the opportunity to check out the beaches, go for a swim or do some light hiking.

There are several options for dinner, you can choose to enjoy a family-style dinner aboard Local Hero, have a cookout/ BBQ on the beach, or go to a beach restaurant a short hike away.

You can choose to sleep on the boat or we can arrange for tents and sleeping bags for beach camping.

The second day can begin with a challenging hike up Sharp Peak at dawn for the more adventurous, or it can start in a more leisurely way with a fresh continental breakfast aboard and time on the beach.

Depending on your preference we can spend the morning and early afternoon sailing in the waters of Mirs Bay to the North or lounging and enjoying the scenery.

You can choose to be as hands-on or hands-off with the boat as you like so there will be plenty of time for a few sailing lessons for those that are interested.

We’ll have a sandwich lunch aboard the boat or at a beach restaurant before heading back to Port Shelter for drop-off around 4pm.


Local Hero Sailing