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6 Jul

What To Eat In Hong Kong – The Curious Food Of Hong Kong!

Thinking of a walking tour Hong Kong, you might have many things like Victoria Peak, Star Ferry or many other touristy places in mind. Thinking food, you might think of Dim Sum, pork bbq or any kind of stir-fry… BUT did you know that Hong Kong is home to some very curious foods that might not be for the faint-hearted?

Let’s start this nice and easy. Here is our very special TOP 4!

Chicken Feet! Although the appearance is maybe not very appealing and once you get over that it is actually a chicken’s feet, you will quickly realise “This does taste like chicken!”  These wrinkly claws are delicious (mostly sold out by 9 AM!!!) in a meal or as a snack on your next BBQ!

Crunchy chicken feet


Pig uterus is up next! Crispy on the outside soft on the inside, this popular snack is easy to find anywhere with street food. However, who could tell it is uterus from the picture???

Popular street food


Snake soup! This is a gourmet dish very popular in winter, is said to be very nutritious and good for one’s spiritual balance as the positive “Yin” energy will combat against the cold, negative “Yang” energy especially during the months of winter. Supposedly, you should eat this in winter with it’s warming properties are said to have an adverse effect on the body when combined with warm weather. One can have it shredded or sliced in a soup and guess what? Many people say it tastes like chicken!

Get your hot soup of snake


Geoduck! Pronounced “gooeyduck”, it could not be any further from a duck ever! The world’s largest burrowing clam might, at first sight, give you the giggles! But once you have overcome this initial reaction seeing this weird thing that looks like it could be the grandchild of “Jabba the Hutt” (and some other things), you can dig in and taste the sweet, clear and tender meat, served raw, seared, sautéed, or as sushi, in soups or hot pots.

Weird shaped clam

So, why not dare try something completely out of the ordinary and create unforgettable memories that will make you smile years later when you think of your Hong Kong city tour?!

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