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Private Customised Car Tour

Our private customised car tours follow the same format as our private customised walking tours but with the addition of a private hire vehicle. They are ideal for those who have difficulty walking, families with small children, people who find the humidity difficult to contend with and for those who tire more easily. Our cars can seat a maximum of 5 passengers plus the guide and driver.

Take a private customised car tour and we will put an itinerary together that ensures you see the things that will interest you the most and at a pace that suits you.


Our private customized car tours last between 4 hours (half day) and 8-hours (full day); its your choice.

Your Hong Kong private tour guide and driver will meet you at your hotel, your cruise terminal or the airport if you are on a layover.

When you book your Hong Kong car tour you will answer a number of questions about your interests and what you hope to get out of your tour. We will then use your answers to design a tour specifically for you.

If you have not been to Hong Kong before and have no preferences we will give you a comprehensive Hong Kong city tour. We will cover a combination of tourist highlights local neighbourhoods and will learn about the culture and history of Hong Kong. We will visit a mix of areas on both Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon (unless you request otherwise).

We can combine some of the must see’s like Victoria Peak and riding the Star Ferry with something a little more off the beaten track to ensure that you see Hong Kong for what it really is; a city of contrasts where the metropolis sits side by side with national parkland, where the super-wealthy walk shoulder to shoulder with people living in poverty, it is a city where east truly does meet west like in no other.

If you are a foodie but do not want to do our full food tour we can combine foodie elements into your tour, ensuring that you still get a wonderful mouthwatering taste of Hong Kong.

If you would like to pick up some souvineers en route we can show you our favorite markets. Or perhaps you have something specific which you would like to buy, let us know and we will make sure that you do not leave Hong Kong without it.

Perhaps you are a budding photographer and would like to visit the most photogenic locations…. Whatever it is we will ensure that your customized tour is exactly what you are looking for.

We cover the following topics on every tour, how much detail we go into depends on how interested you are in each topic! Colonial History, Opium Wars, WW2 History, Politics, Current Affairs, Day To Day Life Of The Average Hongkonger, Poverty, The Housing Crisis, Religion, Education, Food, Architecture, Language. 

Please tell us if you have a specific interest like Jewish History, Photography, Fortune Telling, Shipping / The Port or anything else for that matter.

We do accept last minute bookings so if you are already in Hong Kong please do contact us for our last minute availability. We have been known to start a tour with an hours notice!


full day car tours in hong kong with a hong kong personal tour guide

All prices listed are in Hong Kong $ and are the TOTAL price for the tour and NOT the price per person. Children aged 11 years and under are free of charge BUT do take up a seat in the car.  Anyone aged 12 or over is counted as a full person. If you are a group of four people aged 12 years and over plus one aged 11 years and under please book a tour for 4 people but bear in mind that the car is now full and you will not be able to add anyone else to your tour. Prices listed include the cost of your private hire vehicle and any and all tolls and surcharges. They also include the Star Ferry and Peak Tram should you wish to use them during your tour. Prices do not include entrance fees (if any) or any food / drinks which you choose to buy during your tour.

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Taking a Hong Kong tours for families is a great way to see the city on a walking tour

If you are travelling to Hong Kong with children Hello Hong Kong has you covered. We are very good at designing child friendly Hong Kong car tours and keeping kids entertained. Many of our guides work with children outside of their tour guiding jobs; either in children’s theatre or as teachers, nannies or children’s entertainers. We know that making sure that your children have a fun and educational day will mean that you have a brilliant day! Find out more about our guides by clicking here.

Take a Hong Kong airport layover tour with Hello Hong Kong

If you have 6-hours or more between flights make the most of your time and book a Hong Kong airport layover tour with us.  You will be whisked from the airport into the city in about 45 minutes. See the best view in the world from Victoria Peak, ride the Star Ferry, enjoy an authentic dim sum brunch with the locals, or maybe have a cocktail in a rooftop bar. It sure beats sitting in the airport doesn’t it! Simply add an airport pick up to your booking.

book a land tour as part of your hong kong cruise tours

As a cruise ship passenger you will most probably only have one or two days in Hong Kong. We understand how important it is to make the most of your short time in port and to see the best of Hong Kong in a time efficient way. Book our private customised car tour as your Hong Kong Land Tour and we guarantee that the best tour of you cruise will be the one that you take with us.


“My husband and I booked a private 4 hour tour with Laura for the morning of our first day in Hong Kong. And we are so pleased we did! We specifically asked for one temple, some culture, some history, some architecture and a little bit of food. We got all that and so much more. What we got was the super-friendly Laura with her enthusiasm and love of Hong Kong shining through everything she shared with us. We got endless tips and ideas for how to spend the rest of the week….we’re already thinking we need to plan a return trip to see everything she has recommended. When you book a private tour there’s a always a little bit of risk involved…you may feel you are paying a premium for a customised experience and sometimes you feel that the end result is not worth the extra cost. Not with Laura. We felt we got tremendous value for money as well our expectations being more than met. Spending a few hours on one of Laura’s expeditions is the best possible way to kickstart your visit to Hong Kong – do it!!!!”

Claire, UK

private car tours in hong kong

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Private Car Tour Hong Kong | Visit Choi Hung Estate With The Hong Kong City Tour Bus

Private Car Tour Hong Kong | Visit Choi Hung Estate With The Hong Kong City Tour Bus If you booked your car and driver Hong Kong for your sightseeing with your Hong Kong tour agency, ask to visit the Choi Hung Estate in Wong Tai Sin. The name translates to “Rainbow Estate” and indeed this example of one of the oldest public housing estates is rather colourful. So, if you are looking for a nice object for your photo memories of Hong Kong, ask your tour guide to take you to Choi Hung on your car tours Hong Kong. Let us help you plan your private Hong Kong tours.   #design #instagood #photooftheday #hongkong #china #hk #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #ilovehk #hellohk #streetsofhongkong #wanderlust #buildings #hklife #wanderlust #homekong #grouptours #customizedtours #tourguide #privatetours #privateguide #personalguide #travelhongkong #choihung #rainbowestate #privatecartours #caranddriver #cartourshongkong #wts #silvermedal #beauty #oldiebutgoldie #pieceofhistory

Private Hong Kong Tours | The Cenotaph

Private Hong Kong Tours | The Cenotaph For all history buffs that are on a private car tour Hong Kong how about a visit to the Cenotaph?  This war memorial was constructed in 1923 and is located between Statue Square and the City Hall, easy to reach with car and driver Hong Kong. It commemorates the dead in the two world wars who served in Hong Kong in the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. Built in stone, it is an almost exact replica of the Cenotaph on Whitehall in London. Your Hong Kong tour agency can plan an itinerary for you around history with a stop at the Cenotaph on car tours Hong Kong. #homekong #wanderlust #discoverhongkong #instacool #photooftheday #bbctravel #hongkong #china #hk #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #condenast #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #hellohk #ilovehk #hongkongtour #cnntravel #homekong #privatetour #personaltour #tourguide #privateguide #personalguide #cenotaph #history #historicalmonument #lestweforget

Private Hong Kong Tours | Have You Tried The Peak Tram?

Private Hong Kong Tours | Have You Tried The Peak Tram? So you want to visit The Peak but wondering how to do it with the Hong Kong city tour bus? No problem at all! Even on your car tours Hong Kong we will be able to take you on a Peak Tram ride! Long before any private car tour Hong Kong, The Peak Tram used to take people up to the houses and reward their Hong Kong activities with the stunning view from Victoria Peak On your when you are on a tour Hong Kong, just take The Peak Tram and have your car and driver Hong Kong waiting for you at the end!   #homekong #wanderlust #discoverhongkong #instacool #photooftheday #bbctravel #hongkong #china #hk #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #condenast #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #hellohk #ilovehk #hongkongtour #cnntravel #homekong #privatetour #personaltour #tourguide #privateguide #personalguide #peaktram #victoriapeak #thepeak #livinghistory #panoramicride #historicaltravel #blastfromthepast #amazingrides   photo credit: Jamie Lloyd

Hong Kong Activities | The Noonday Gun

Hong Kong Activities | The Noonday Gun Being on a private car tour Hong Kong gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the noonday gun in Causeway Bay! Travelling by car and driver Hong Kong, it is very easy to stop by at the noonday gun and experience a piece of colonial history life! The Noonday Gun has its roots in a 21-pound gun that Jardine Matheson set up on the waterfront of their commercial fiefdom. The original gun was dismantled by the occupying Japanese Imperial Army in 1941. A new gun was donated by the Royal Navy after Hong Kong was liberated in 1945; this gun (humorously enough) received noise complaints and was replaced by the current, smaller gun in 1947. This gun has a history of its own, having seen action in the Battle of Jutland during the First World War. Ask the guides on your private Hong Kong tours about the legend of the noonday gun. If you are not on the Hong Kong city tour bus but booked your own car tours Hong Kong we can arrange your Hong Kong tour itinerary with a visit to the noonday gun!   #homekong #wanderlust #discoverhongkong #instacool #photooftheday #bbctravel #hongkong #china #hk #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #condenast #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #hellohk #ilovehk #hongkongtour #cnntravel #homekong #privatetour #personaltour #tourguide #privateguide #personalguide #noondaygun #causewaybay #cwb #legend #localhistory #colonialhistory

Car Tours Hong Kong | The Alternative To Your Hong Kong Walking Tours

Car Tours Hong Kong | The Alternative To Your Hong Kong Walking Tours Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler in Hong Kong and we are entering the “winter” season here, you might look at what kind of tour Hong Kong is best for you. Additionally, to our Hong Kong walking tours, we have a Hong Kong city tour bus… The kind you get with a car and driver Hong Kong just for you! A private car tour Hong Kong is the best alternative for all those that book private Hong Kong tours but would like to enjoy the comfort of a car when exploring Hong Kong. It is a great alternative for families with smaller children or people with mobility issues, or if you just simply want to have the comfort of resting in an air-conditioned car to escape the heat of Hong Kong!   #homekong #wanderlust #discoverhongkong #instacool #photooftheday #bbctravel #hongkong #china #hk #instatravel #adventure #welltraveled #tourism #travelbug #condenast #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #hellohk #ilovehk #hongkongtour #cnntravel #homekong #privatetour #personaltour #tourguide #privateguide #personalguide #cartours #privatecar #carandguide #driverinhongkong #privatedriver

best way to spot number plates on hong kong walking tours

Car Tours Hong Kong | The Profitable Business Of Number Plates

Car Tours Hong Kong | The Profitable Business Of Number Plates When you walk or drive through the streets on a Hong Kong city tour, try to pay attention to the cars. Not only will you see high end customised cars but you will also see some very interesting number plates. Interestingly, there is an auction to bid for your favourite number plate – if somebody released it. You can bid for your number plate at an auction at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Whether you are on a private car tour or on a walking tour, ask your Hong Kong tour guide to tell you something about the number plate list below!   #hongkonger #hongkongese #welovehongkong #explorehongkong #meetthelocals #instagood #photooftheday #hk #tourism #travelbug #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #hellohongkongtours #ilovehk #hellohk #streetsofhongkong #hongkongtour #cartourshongkong #numberplates #moneymaking #auction #bidding #citytourhongkong #privateguide #personalguide #customizedtour #homekong source: j3tours